Tax consultancy



John is highly experienced in taxation matters, and ensures (through his personal approach) that clients’ tax liabilities are reduced to an absolute minimum (whilst, and this is very important, always seeing the “bigger picture”, believing that other advisors  sometimes fail to do so).


A robust approach is necessary if HMRC “step out of line” in improperly accusing clients of dishonesty.


Tax Credits is a field of activity often overlooked by accountants.  As a practice, we have considerable experience in that field, in the routine submission of information to the Tax Credit Office (TCO); attending to enquiries from TCO; and generally ensuring that clients receive their full Tax Credits entitlements.


H M Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and especially the TCO department of HMRC, are frequently guilty of maladministration, with resultant additional accountancy fees being payable (in ensuring that such maladministration is corrected).   Where this maladministration occurs, we have always ensured that clients are reimbursed fully for those additional fees (on of course the assumption that clients continue to engage our services and co-operate in the process): to that end, and as a goodwill gesture, any "shortfall" in that reimbursement by HMRC is repaid to the client, by our office.